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February 28, 2009

Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary at SOU

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Photo by Carson Michag/ Bill Clinton stops by SOU

Photo by Carson Michag/ Bill Clinton stops by SOU

Bill and Chelsea Clinton stop at SOU
By Ellie Corso
The Siskiyou

Students and community members gathered in the Stevenson Union courtyard to hear former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea speak and represent Sen. Hillary Clinton late Sunday afternoon.

Chelsea Clinton introduced her father to the crowd.

“I’m excited to be here with my dad,” Clinton said, “I strongly believe my mom is the most qualified and the most progressive.”

Bill Clinton came on stage and gave reasons why Oregonians should vote for Hillary. He brought up worldwide issues, such as the Iraq war, maintaining that Hillary wants to bring the troops home. He also addressed global warming and environmental issues.

“There’s no free lunch in the green movement,” Clinton said.

Clinton also talked about issues that pertain to students such as financial aid. He introduced Hillary’s plan called Student Borrower Bill of Rights, a bill that allows students more leeway in repaying their loans, among other options.

He addressed Hillary’s famous healthcare plan, and he asked the audience if they knew someone who wasn’t insured, and a majority of the crowd raised their hands.

“She has the only healthcare plan that will cover everyone for affordable healthcare,” he said.

Clinton shared personal stories of people he had encountered who his wife has helped in one way or another. He ended his speech by reaffirming that she was the best choice for president.

“She’s a change maker, and she has been for as long as I’ve known her,” Clinton said.

Peggy Mezger, assistant director of information technology production for Enrollment Services, felt that it was time for a woman president.

“I think everyone needs to have a chance to vote. I wanted to be able to vote for a woman for president for the first time, and I don’t think it’s over,” Mezger said.

Taylor York, Associated Students Southern Oregon University freshman senator, felt that it is good that Clinton is representing his wife.

“They’re going into this as a team because they are husband and wife, and they are creating the image of a unified front,” York said. “I am so excited I get to be a part of this entire system because it is such a historic race.”


SOU and NPS Join Forces

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SOU and NPS work together
By Ellie Corso
The Siskiyou

SOU collaborates with the National Park Service. It’s the makings of a beautiful friendship, complete with benefits for students.

The NPS and SOU began their partnership five years ago under the Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem.

Greg Jones of the environmental studies department manages two task agreements based on biogeography ecosystems and geographical information systems.

“We’re right in the middle of many very prominent national parks, so it was the ideal location for the corporative agreement to occur,” said Jones.

“We really felt the region didn’t know that SOU had very interesting, profitable research relationships. We wanted to make sure that the word got out,” Jones said.

Jones thinks that this will bring up a lot of opportunities in terms of practicum, internships and capstone experiences. Without having a relationship with the National Park Services, SOU would be unable to have this experience.

Daniel Staar, Klamath Network Monitoring Coordinator, is also a part of the collaboration agreements.

“Hopefully, it will increasingly be that there is an ability to potentially do internships or work in parks. We will also be available to service guest lectures for students and to teach them what it is like to work in a park service,” Staar said.

Staar brought up that there were a lot of activities going on and how students were involved in an interruptive newsletter, the main web page and various other projects. One project included students who worked on the wetlands inventory in Crater Lake.

“We can’t do it all on our own; we want to do it in partnerships,” said Staar.

“I would think that for students who are contemplating environmental careers, [they] would be interested in potentially working with the parks, getting internships with the parks and to get some real work experience,” Staar said.

The Klamath Network is comprised of six NPS units – Crater Lake National Park, Lava Beds National Monument, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Oregon Caves National Monument, Redwood National and States Parks, and Whiskeytown National Recreation Area.

“It’s very important to have these kind of relationships whether they be on campus or off campus. Those are the kinds of things we need to provide vehicles for students, to have experience because that’s what ends up giving them insights for what they can do with their career and potential job opportunities for down the road,” Jones said.

‘Athena in Velvet’

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showphotophp1Appeared in the Entertainment Section of The Siskiyou, May 2007.

‘Athena in Velvet’ prides the empowerment of women
By Ellie Corso
The Siskiyou

The empowering art of being a woman was the theme for the third annual “Athena in Velvet,” hosted by the Women’s Resource Center.

The spring celebration of women and creativity had live performances, real-life art, wine and plenty of chocolate.

The event, packed to full capacity, was held at the Mojo Rising Workshop and Events Studio. It was decorated with pillows and candles which created a peaceful and elegant atmosphere. The two female hosts started with a colorful introduction before introducing the first group, Darlingtonia.

The singers, who are Oregon natives, began with an introduction explaining the origin of the groups name. It comes from a plant called ‘cobra lily’, which they described as “curvaceous.”

During the performance, Darlingtonia singer Kerrissa Fuccillo played the harmonica and guitar. One of their songs was inspired from the poem “Still I Rise,” by Maya Angelou. They recited lines from the poem in sync with harp player, Sofia Jensen.

Fuccillo, who used to be a high school teacher and now teaches guitar to young people, feels it is important to get the message out, especially to young women.

“The idea of women in empowerment,” Fuccillo said, “especially at the age range of 17 to 19, I feel like it is a really pivotal time when women start to decide who they want to be in the world and it feels really important to me to be a role model of strong, creative and empowered women.”

Former Vagina Monologues director Brook Colley suggested that they perform for this event after working with Fuccillo during the monologues.

“The Women’s Resource Center does such a good job on getting that out to young women all over the world, older women too but especially [the young] age group I think really needs to hear that women can be strong, creative and be themselves,” she said. “It was just a great event.”

Coming from Los Angeles, Oregon natives Jimmy Strong and British-born Sheila Nicholls were the other performers for the night. Strong is currently working on a record and Nicholls was featured on the “High Fidelity” soundtrack.

Nicholls and Strong sang a song from the “Left Behind” series, in which the women refused to have sex with the men unless they stopped fighting. Strong also played songs such as “Georgina” and “Scoops,” inspired by her favorite ice cream parlor. Another song Nicholls sang was inspired by a dream she had about her husband.

“I was really excited to do something that felt gentle, woman-based and leaving Los Angeles was a treat and it was a great experience coming to Oregon,” said Nicholls.

Nicholls, who is pregnant, made comments in between songs about how she could feel her baby moving all around. She then had the audience vote which name they liked best for her unborn child.

During their performance, an actress portraying goddess Athena inspired models, whose bodies were painted and made to look like statues, to grace the stage. The models would change positions to fit with the song. One of the statues, Renee Fisk, was painted silver and black from head to toe and was tied with rope around her body.

Fisk, the AmeriCorps VISTA Civic Engagement Coordinator for SOU, said she enjoys doing all types of performance art.

“I get into the theme concept a lot and I appreciate being able to do my own art, sort of in a way that is expressed along with the attributes of Athena,” said Fisk. “It was really neat to be able to find positions that gave off the same energy as the music.”

Student Mandy Engler, who attended last year, enjoyed the whole event and especially the Dagoba organic chocolate.

“I like how it brings the people locally and out of the area together and there’s chocolate,” Engler said. “It’s a really great event and I am really glad it goes on and I will be back.”

Community resident Jill Mackile, who heard about the event from her daughter, felt the theme of the event was very important and the message needed to get out. “Especially nowadays when everything is sort of trying to take woman’s empowerment away from them,” Mackile said.

Proceeds from the event will benefit Vivacious Voices: Empowerment through Education and Expression, the Women’s Resource Center’s creativity program.

The hosts ended with words of encouragement. “Recognize the extraordinary way you live your life and the changes you make that make you who you are.”


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