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February 28, 2009

Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary at SOU

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Photo by Carson Michag/ Bill Clinton stops by SOU

Photo by Carson Michag/ Bill Clinton stops by SOU

Bill and Chelsea Clinton stop at SOU
By Ellie Corso
The Siskiyou

Students and community members gathered in the Stevenson Union courtyard to hear former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea speak and represent Sen. Hillary Clinton late Sunday afternoon.

Chelsea Clinton introduced her father to the crowd.

“I’m excited to be here with my dad,” Clinton said, “I strongly believe my mom is the most qualified and the most progressive.”

Bill Clinton came on stage and gave reasons why Oregonians should vote for Hillary. He brought up worldwide issues, such as the Iraq war, maintaining that Hillary wants to bring the troops home. He also addressed global warming and environmental issues.

“There’s no free lunch in the green movement,” Clinton said.

Clinton also talked about issues that pertain to students such as financial aid. He introduced Hillary’s plan called Student Borrower Bill of Rights, a bill that allows students more leeway in repaying their loans, among other options.

He addressed Hillary’s famous healthcare plan, and he asked the audience if they knew someone who wasn’t insured, and a majority of the crowd raised their hands.

“She has the only healthcare plan that will cover everyone for affordable healthcare,” he said.

Clinton shared personal stories of people he had encountered who his wife has helped in one way or another. He ended his speech by reaffirming that she was the best choice for president.

“She’s a change maker, and she has been for as long as I’ve known her,” Clinton said.

Peggy Mezger, assistant director of information technology production for Enrollment Services, felt that it was time for a woman president.

“I think everyone needs to have a chance to vote. I wanted to be able to vote for a woman for president for the first time, and I don’t think it’s over,” Mezger said.

Taylor York, Associated Students Southern Oregon University freshman senator, felt that it is good that Clinton is representing his wife.

“They’re going into this as a team because they are husband and wife, and they are creating the image of a unified front,” York said. “I am so excited I get to be a part of this entire system because it is such a historic race.”


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